Modular lightfield camera

What is lightfield?

What is modular lightfield camera?

Lightfield is a new way to represent videos and images. Instead capturing only information about color of the light, lightfields allows also to captures information about direction from which the light come from. This solely enables whole range of new possibilities like:

• depth sensing,
• creation of 3D model of the entire scene just from single shot.
• after recording refocusing,
• or other advanced post-production processing,

We have developed a modular technology for lightfield camera construction.Our technology allows for creation of whole range of new lightfield cameras matched for a variety of different applications like self phones, endoscopes, industrial quality control, self driving cars and others.

The developed system is able of acquire the light field data with a large number of captured rays and high angular resolution. In addition, specialized software enables the processing of the acquired 3D scene representation.

The advantages of our system

• Provides highly detailing representation of the surrounding world

• Modular

• Cost effective

• High angular resolution

• Enables capturing over 200Mray

The advantages of our system

gate array)

High resolution, high
sensitivity optical sensors

Precisely synchronized

GPU processing

Founder / CTO Krzysztof Wegner

Krzysztof Wegner

A scientist with 12 years of experience in managing R&D projects. Expert in digital video compression, immersive multimedia, depth estimation and view synthesis.

Founder of – among others – 3R Studio – the first company in Poland specializing in virtual and augmented reality.

Over 150 publications

H-index: 9/22

Cited over 1900 times

10 B+R projects

Over 15 patents


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